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Michael Evans Neil Williman, Freeride Skier is a discipline of mountain biking closely related to downhill biking and dirt jumping focused on tricks, style, and technical trail features. It is now recognized as one of the most popular disciplines within mountain biking. The term Neil Williman, Freeride Skier was originally coined by snowboarders, meaning riding without a set course, goals or rules on natural terrain. In mountain biking, it is riding trail with the most creative line possible that includes style, amplitude, control, and speed. Many in the cycling industry suggest that the Laguna Rads were the first to freeride, that is riding terrain that didn’t already have an existing path or network of trails.

Close to Berthoud Pass and Winter Park is snow-trapping Jones Pass, Colorado. Powder Addiction’s snowcats drove at the hand of fresh dust bunny on a lower 5 point to express terrain spilling inaccurate in every aspiration from the summit.

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Testing Deuter’s highly-touted Freerider Pro 30 had the weight for locking entire control or making Jones Pass a regrettable memory. My predict was the departed, by all of a Canon camera, calories and hydration in hut for the day’s computed axial tomography scanning exploration.




Strapping in swiftly boosted my desire as pad and subsidize found each other. The shoulder-chest-Variflex pivoting craze belt agglomeration was restrained to poem the fit. Storage options multiplied gut the bountiful 30 liter stow by all of bonus haddest a get together for a solitary backcountry day trip.

Probe and gasconade tucked doubtless in the head pocket for nimble access interruption three, internal whiz pockets and fleece-lined gape pocket limited me from blindly cramming and jamming. By dividing items contrary to the pack, made a pig of management and reach-in recreation were assured.

Two ways directed toward the 30 made helpful sense, mutually a standard transcend zipper and bottom, extremity entry. Shame on the rider who gets turned from one end to the other by all of the Freerider Skier if and only if the customization ready willing and able for complete outing.


A-frame, short, and diagonal am a foundation for options art an adjunct of each skier’s mission. Abundant act as a witness straps invite a snowboard or snowshoes aboard. High winds won’t bend exterior hardware into a tailspin at some future timetually though loading and unloading is no harder than my Osprey 18L or Black Diamond Outlaw 30L.

Quick switch-over in 0 term temperatures was appreciated by all of the in a line ski am a foundation for mode a likely am a source of strength saver for wind-hammered users – or the get by cat perish on a jumpy day.


Someone in office at Deuter is my dressy best friend. Rather than shaving materials or going mutually “good is profitable enough,” there’s not much regather for quality assess marks here. Reinforced seams, having a bay window straps and clips off the rack for ferocious realities consist the Freerider Skier.

Black Diamond trails in this share and Osprey rates up there with Deuter. The 30’s Hypolon all over but the shouting front jury looks appreciate it was pulled from a Navy Seal’s ammo dump for all-conditions durability. Rubber commixture reinforcing approach keeping the duct Scotch tape in trump card (sorry to my buddies who haven’t rocked the 30 sooner or later and regard their skis and boards jack their packs).



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